Nilo International - The SPA Industry 

NILO is specialized in the production of furnishings and equipment for SPAs, wellness centres, beauty salons, hotels, gyms and beauty institutes.

The company was founded in 1987 as a division of Maletti Group, and has always been focused upon a field that's entirely complementary to that of the group itself, producing furnishings and equipment for institutions devoted to wellness and beauty treatments.

Having always remained attentive to the specificities of the sector and its operators, Nilo continues to exploit the production and commercial synergies offered by Maletti Group itself, thus allowing for the creation of a collection that ranges from furnishings to accessories, including both individual treatment beds, as well as fully-equipped cabins.
The Nilo product range is extremely wide reaching, and is complemented by collections designed by famous designers, such as Claudio Silvestrin and Christophe Pillet.

With a complete product line designed to satisfy all the latest trends in terms of SPA and wellness centre furnishings, while at the same time even covering the extensive sector of medical furnishings (thanks to a careful segmentation), Nilo has now become a leading competitor on the international market. In fact, Nilo products can be found at leading SPAs and wellness centres, as well as thermal baths, prestigious hotels, fitness centres, medical offices and beauty salons worldwide.

A global company that has designed and furnished thousands of centres around the world, with a sales network comprised of highly-experienced professionals, covering all the major international markets. This is what Nilo - The SPA Industry - has become today.

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