LightSheer® INFINITY™

Модель: LightSheer® INFINITY™
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LightSheer® INFINITY™ Lumenis’ LightSheer INFINITY opens up a world of infinite laser treatment possibilities. Patients from different ethnic backgrounds and with different skin types are increasingly demanding solutions that are tailored to their needs.  With the LightSheer INFINITY you can customize treatment like never before and offer the ideal treatment to each one of your patients.  The LightSheer INFINITY is a breakthrough in hair reduction and provides a highly effective, rapid, safe and comfortable treatment. It can also offer your patients a solution for pigmented and vascular lesions, PFB and wrinkle reduction. 


To meet these needs, the LightSheer INFINITY is equipped with:

 2 diode wavelengths - 805nm and 1060nm.

 2 advanced technologies.

 3 spot sizes that facilitate 6 treatment options.

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