Производитель: Decomedical
Модель: Decolight
Наличие: Есть в наличии

Decolight Intense pulsed light DEC46

It is an electronic device which uses the Intense Pulsed light technology (IPL) for progressive and permanent epilation and for photo stimulating esthetic treatments.
Epilation: Decolight, using the principles of the selective photothermolysis, permits to distinguish both skin and hair follicle temperature: the first one will remain within the safety limits; on the contrary, the hair follicle will reach high-level temperature up to destroy its bulb. Decolight is provided with a very efficient handle piece with the following characteristics:
1) automatic skin photo type identification;
2) integrated cooling, by avoiding the use of any anesthetic gel or products to apply on the areas before treatment;
3) interchangeable wave lengths, very easy and rapid to be replaced.
All this allows operator’s job to be facilitated for treatments on large and delicate areas and to get very efficacious results in short times. 
On request: photo stimulation: decolight re-actives the skin in a deeply way, stimulating the production of new collagen and improving the aspect, the texture and the consistency of the skin. the result of this treatment is an immediate lifting effect.
DEC46 - Technical data

  • Power supply:230v 50-60 Hz

  • Overall dimension:65x30x90 cm

  • Weight:35 Kg

  • Cooling:water cooling

  • Max fluence:26 J/cm²

  • Spot size:48 x 13 mm = 6,24 cm 2

  • Fuses:2 da 6,3 AT

  • Power consumption:1150 Watt

  • Output current frequency:0.33 Hz (1 pulse x 1 sec)

DEC46 - Accessories

DEC46 - Supplied accessories

  • 1 handle piece (AC0675); 

  • 1 wave length 625nm for epilation (AC0679); 

  • 1 pair of glasses for operator (AC0682); 

  • 1 pair of glasses for client (AC0683).

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