Производитель: Decomedical
Модель: Decoshaper DEC30
Наличие: Есть в наличии

Decoshaper DEC30

It is the innovative equipment which offers an advanced and exclusive working system. The particular rollers head allows an endodermic massage through compression and relaxation movements. The skin is lifted and deeply massaged to stimulate the blood circulation and to  level the adipose deposits. Thanks to a more active blood and lymphatic circulation, the fat cells are squeezed, caught and eliminated. The little rollers, passing on the cellulites areas, improve the tissues oxygenation and consequently reducing the stretch marks and the orange peel. The skin will appear smooth and compact.
Decoshaper is also a precious tool to tone muscular tissues of the body areas mostly predisposed to hypo tonicity.
DEC30 - Technical specifications

  • Power supply:230 V 50 - 60 Hz

  • Overall dimensions:29x24x35 cm

  • Weight:6 Kg

  • Fuses: 2 of 800 mAT

  • Power consumption:90 Watt

  • Functioning:Continuous + pulsed

  • Max suction power:800 mBar

  • Functioning:continuous and pulsed (0,1 Hz - 5 Hz)

  • Device commands:through a single encoder knob

DEC30 - Accessories

DEC30 - Supplied accessories

  • decoshaper handle (AC0662)

  • one line cord (AC0661)

  • rubber tube for vacuum ( AC0697)

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